"Governance Education is the roadmap for an efficient and successful Pakistan".

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Governance Education Network (GEN) is committed to developing  a national integrated network for advancing  governance knowledge with the objective of creating governance capacity in various spheres of governance covering universities, institutions, practitioners, researchers, NGOs, think tanks and the student body of Pakistan which elects to take up governance courses.


Program Steering Committee is established to represent the interests and needs of the GEN and provide guidance, advice and recommendations to the GEN for attainment of its objectives.

Program Sub-Committees given below are established to effectively execute various components of the Program:

  • Curriculum Development Sub-Committee
  • Training Need Assessment Sub-Committee
  • Executive Education Sub-Committee
  • Research Sub-Committee
  • Annual Conference Sub-Committee

The member institutions of GEN shall designate a focal person to act as liaison for the purposes of representing an institution in the network. Initially these focal persons shall collectively constitute the steering committee of the Program as decided in the first general meeting of the network held on 12th February, 2009. Subsequently the membership of the Steering Committee shall be revised in order to have up to 10 members from the Principal Participants of the network.


During the nascent stage of the development of the network and until the designation and functioning of the steering committee is organized the chair of the steering committee will be nominated by GINI.


Program Steering Committee

Meeting - May 31,

Meeting - April 24,

Meeting - Dec 15,
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