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Network Activating Workshop

May 11-12, 2009 (Marriott Hotel, Islamabad)


Executive Summary

of the Workshop Proceedings


The Governance Institutes Network International (GINI) organized the Governance Education Network (GEN) Activating Workshop on 11-12 May, 2009 at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad-Pakistan.


The workshop was designed to provide a learning opportunity to the members of GEN including international partners of the GINI Program through interactive discussions with the main objective of finalizing the program sub-committees proposals related to their work plans containing methodology, activities, timeframe and requirements in accordance with their respective TOR for smooth execution of the program components related to Governance Curriculum, Training Needs Assessment, Executive Education, Research and Annual Conference. An additional focus of the workshop was to finalize the network website design and the design of quarterly newsletter including mechanism for members’ input/interactive space. The meeting was attended by the focal persons of all organizations who have taken up formal membership of the network as well as those organizations who are in the process of doing so.


The participants were briefed on the progress of project activities including growth in network membership, formalization of project contract and its budget for 2009 with the Norwegian Embassy and institutionalization of program sub-committees since holding of first network meeting on 12th February, 2009 at Lahore. The program sub-committees presented proposals related to their work plans for opertionalizing their respective TOR contained in the network guidelines issued vide GINI letter dated 3rd March, 2009. The proposed design of network website and quarterly newsletter developed by GINI were also presented in the workshop. These proposals were finalized with collective input of all members and the Program Steering Committee approved the following in this regard:-

  1. Work plans of program sub-committees were approved as per the timelines (Work Plan 2009) for completing various activities. Any further views of members on the vision statement and themes for the annual conference-2009 will be shared with the sub-committee by 31st May, 2009.
  2. GINI Secretariat will prepare detailed work plan based on the sub-committees proposals and decisions arrived at during the workshop and forward the plan for implementation to the program sub-committees / NIBR.
  3. Priority will be accorded in meeting the requirements of baseline research for various program components out of the research fund budgeted for 2009 and the balance of research fund would be utilized for research in critical governance areas identified by the Sub-Committee on Research.
  4. Detailed TOR for baseline research in Governance Curriculum, TNA, Executive Education and Research would be developed by the concerned sub-committee and its execution directly supervised by the sub-committee. Lead study of TNA sub-committee will also cover the requirements of executive education.
  5. Detailed TOR for NIBR input to baseline research and research in critical governance areas will be finalized by GINI Secretariat in consultation with concerned program sub-committee and shared with NIBR.
  6. A Work Group comprising Chairpersons of all program Sub-committees will be constituted to address the issues related to over lapping activities/requirements of various program components. GINI Secretariat will coordinate the first meeting of the work group in early June, 2009.