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Deliberations of Second Annual Conference  

Sub-committee Meeting

April 29, 2009


Subject: Second Meeting of the Annual Conference



Venue:  Forman Christian College University, Lahore

Date:     29th April 2009

Time:     1030 - 1415 hrs


Following members attended the meeting:


  • Prof. Dr. Saeed Shafqat


  • Maj Gen (R) Prof. Dr. Ovais Mushtaq         


  • Ms. Farzana Shahid                                    


  • Mr. Aazar Ayaz                                          


  • Mr. Muhammad Nasim khan Raja                



Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mahboob could not attend the meeting due to other commitments.


Prof. Dr. Saeed Shafqat chairperson of the sub committee welcomed all the participants and appreciated their contribution in short span of time.


All items of the agenda were taken one by one. After lively discussion on each item of the agenda by the members of the sub-committee the following conclusions emerged:-

  1. The vision of the conference was discussed in detail and decided that two or three vision statement will be formulated by Mr.Aazar Ayaz , Ms. Farzana and Dr. Ovais will forward to Chairperson for consolidation till 03-05-09. The existing vision be reworded and converted into conference objectives. Road map will be set up for future conference on its basis.
  2. The following broad theme for the conference were considered:
    • Governance- Perils & Prospects.
    • Governance Concepts & Reality
    • Federalism ,Peace & Governance
    One more topic be added and one paragraph on the significance of each title be written. This task be completed till 04-05-09.
  3. The venue of the meeting was discussed in detail and three options of holding the conference at hotel, university and public hall were taken up one by one. Ms. Farzana explored Aiwan-e-Iqbal The Mall for the purpose. She presented all the details of the venue. Keeping in view all the security concerns, logistics and other supports facilities the option of holding of the conference at public hall and university was not feasible and decided to hold the conference in a hotel.
  4. The committee decided that the first option to hold the conference is in Islamabad. The second preference is for Lahore . However, keeping in view all pros & cons the holding of Conference in Islamabad is better option.
  5. Mr. Aazar prepared tentative program for two and a half days. It was decided that tentative program for two days may also be prepared and forwarded up to 04-05-09.
  6. The mega event of Annual Conference will be held either from 10-12 December or 17-19 December of this year. This mega event will be focused for two days and can be extended for another half day if decided in the coming workshop.
  7. Ms. Farzana gave presentation on power points regarding the activities involved in holding the conference and proposed different committees with their assigned tasks. Members appreciated this effort and decided that this committee will decide calling of papers, and their selection papers and all academic work as per TOR of the committee.
  8. GINI Secretariat will closely work on managing logistics etc and for this purpose a professional Event Manager may be hired and be made responsible for all the tasks. The same is supervised and guided by GINI and Committee. The committee elected Mr. Aazar Ayaz as focal person who will liaison with GINI and Others. Mr. Ovais remarked that manpower is required for making the event successful and selected students from Network member universities can be requested. The chairperson said that this is one option and may be shared with others. The other option can be out sourcing.
  9. The list of invitees will be finalized later on.
  10. The calling of chief guest will be done by GINI Secretariat. The GINI will design and organize media campaign and the committee will liaison it. Mr.Ovais thanks all the members of the committee for their cooperation during the period and prayed for the success of the program.

Dr. Saeed Shafqat Chairperson concluded the meeting at 1415 hours with vote of thanks and requested the members to do the assigned task within timeframe.


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